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1. The intending allottee (S) has applied for the registration as a member for allotment of a farm land with full knowledge and subject to all laws.notification and rules applicable to this ares, which have been informed and explained by the promoters and understood by applicant/allottee(s).

2. The promoters shall have the right to effect suitable and necessary alternations in the layout plan. If and when found necessary. Which include all or any of the changes, such as, change in the position lf the position of the farm land, change in the farm number, etc. at THE GRASSFIELDS. To implement any or all of these changes, supplementary agreement, if necessary, will be executed. If there is any increase/decrease in the areas. the revised price will be applicable at the original rat at which the land at THE GRASSFIELDS was bllked for sale. If for any reason, the promoters are not in a position to a lot the area applied for, the promoters shall be responsible only for refund of the amount deposited with simple interest @ 10% per annum and the promoters shall not be liable for any compensation on thes account, whatsoever.

3. The intending Allottee (s) is intitled to get the name of his/her nominee (s) substituted in his/her place with the prior approval of the promoters, who shall have the sole discretion to permit the same, on such conditions as deemed fit.

4. The timely payment of installments shall be the essence of this Agreement. It shall be incumbent on the intending Allottee(s) to comply with the terms of payment and other terms and conditions of allotment and sale. In case of delay in the payment of any installment, the intending allottee(s) shall pay interest, calculated from the due date of outstanding amount @ 18% per annum, compounded at the time of every succeeding installment. Even then, if tne Intending allottee(s) fails to pay the installments with interest at the time of succeeding installment also, then the promoters shall have a right to forfeit upto 25% of the amount paid by the intending allottee(s) and the allotment shall stand cancelled and intending allottee(s) shall be left with on lien on the farm land at THE GRASSFIELDS. The msximum period expandable for such delayed payment(s) is three months.

5. All taxes whether levied or leviable in future on the farm land shall be borne by the Intending allottee(s)

6. The said farm land is agriculture land and entire conversion and other and charges and incidental expenses, etc. for the same will be borne by the Intending allottee(s).

7. That it is intended that sa part of the facilities, a recreational & sports club will also be developed in the scheme and all intending allotee(s) shall automatically become member and shall pay the charges for the maintenance of such facilities in the manner and as when demanded by the promoters, Maintenance company or society .

8. The intending Allottee(s) of the farm land(s) shall pay maintenance charges and/or subscription charges either in lumpsum or otherwise as may be decided by the promoters for maintenance. The amount shall be payable by the intending allottee(s) in the manner and as and when demanded by the promoters, Maintenance Company or society.

9. The sale deed shall be executed and got registered in favour of the intending Allottee(s) within a reasonable time after the clearance of all the charges in his/her accounts. Cost of stamp duty and registration charges applicable shall be extra and shall be borne by intending Allottee(s).

10. The intending Allottee)s) shall get his/her complete address registered with the promoters at the time of registration/booking and it shall be his/her responsibility to inform the promoters by registered A/D letter about all subsequent changes, Ig any change occurs in his/her address and such change of address is not informed to the promoters, then all demand notices, letters, etc. posted at the first registered address will be deemed to have been received by him/her at the time when those ought to have ordinarily reached on such address. The intending Allottee(s) shall be responsible for any default in payment and/or other consequences that might occur there from.

11. The intending Allottee(s) shall comply with all Legal requirements for purchase of immovable property, within specified time, after execution of the purchase agreement herein and shall sign all applications, forms, affidavits, undertakings, etc. for the said purchase.

12. The intending allottee(s) agrees that possession of the said land at THE GRASSFIELDS shall be taken within 30 days from the date of final notice for possession failing which it would be presumed that possession of the farm land is held by the Allottee(s). However, the allottee(s) shall be liable to pay, apart from usual maintenance charges, holding charges@ Rs. 2/-per sq. month for the period of such delay until the date when possession is taken over by the intending Allottee(s).

13. The intending allottee(s) is aware that the said property is due for approval from the appropriate authority, and the earmarked farm land shall be allotted only upon final approval from appropriate authority. The approval is not within the control lf the promoters and thus clause(2) will come into effect in case of any unforeseen delay or decline.

14. The allotment of land ion THE GRASSFIELDS is entirely at the discretion of the discretion of the promoters and the promoters have right to reject an offer without assigning any reason thereof.

15. The Intending allottee(s) agrees to pay appropriate administrative/processing charges in case of any cancellation/surrender/transfer of his/her bllking.(w.e.f.16-11-2005; Charges are Rs.5/- per sq. yard.)

16. preferential location charges is 10% of the booking amount(subhect to minimum of Rs. 50/- per sq. yards) for corner plots in addition to the original booking.

17. That all disputes arising out of interpretation of any clause herein shall be settled by recourse to Arbitration proceedings.

18. The intending allottee(s) agrees and shall be bound to start construction of the farm house with due sanction of the promoters/Competent Authority within a period of 2 years, from the date of intimation for taking possessio0n is sent by the promoters, failing which the promoters will by entitled to resume the land without any compensation and to allot the same to somebody else, The sale price of the land received by the promoter shall be refunded to the intending allottee(s) without any interest. Promoter may levy non construction charges on the intending allottee(s) in case of non construction as stated hereinabove.

19. The intending allottee(s), if resident outside India, shall be solely responsible to comply with the necessary formalities as laid down in the Foreign Exchange Management Act 1999, and other applicable laws including that of remittance of payment(s) for acquisition of property and for submission of any documents/declaration etc. as may be prescribed.

20. Courts in Jaipur alone shall have jurisdiction in all matters arising out of touching and/concerning this transaction.


On registration/Booking 25%
After 3 months 25%
After 6 months 25%
On possession(see clause no. 12 above) 25%

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